1:100 Top Box Plan

This is the plan of a lightweight structure placed on top of the existing building, providing panoramic views around the city, while acting as a place of interest for the wider community.

1:100 GF Plan

This is the ground floor of my last project, Plymouth’s new business school, hand drawn and rendered in photoshop.

Sketch model

This is the final sketch model at 1:500 scale. After a lot of questioning and wondering I decided to go with something like that. Let the development process begin!

sketch models

Sketch models at 1:500 scale showing the design process from the beginning of the project.

Development Models.

This model served as a basis in the process of starting and connecting the different typologies of the design process. Its was about trying to create, enable people to be smart with things and within things, using the structure not just as a container, but rather, as something more active, more dynamic which will, at the end of the day, benefit the users.